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When you purchase an item from Parts-King that has a core charge associated with it (which includes items such as starters, alternators, power steering pumps, rack & pinions, fuel injectors, CV shafts, etc, etc, etc), it is because the manufacturer of the item has put a 'bounty' on your old unit and want it back, even though it has failed!  The manufacturers do this so that they can re-use certain components from your old unit (such as the casing, armature, drive, body, gears, shaft, etc, etc, etc. depending on what the unit is) in their remanufacturing process in the hopes of using as much of your old unit as possible to rebuild for another resale ... just like what was done to the item that you are purchasing from us!


When you are purchasing an item from us that has a core charge associated with it, we have no way of knowing if you have already removed your old unit from your vehicle and are planning on 'exchanging' it when you come in to pick up your 'new' item or if you are going to take the 'new' item home to swap out with the old unit and return it to us at a later date to collect your core charge (which is the most common scenario).  Therefore, when you look up an item on our website that has a core charge associated with it, you will notice that the 'top price' on the lookup page is lower than the price of the item when it is placed into your cart.  This is because the price in the cart includes the core charge of the item, whereas the 'top price' on the lookup screen is the 'net price' (plus GST) for the item which INCLUDES THE RETURN of your old unit to us.  This scenario applies for all items that have a core charge associated with them from the manufacturer. 


Ultimately, once we get your old unit back from you, the 'top price' IS what you will end up paying for the item (plus GST)!  If you have your old unit with you when you come to pick up your 'new' item, we will simply credit you back the core charge right there on the spot.  However, if you choose to come in, pick up your 'new' item and bring your old unit back to us at a later date, just bring the old one back in the box that the 'new' item came in at your convenience and we will credit you back then.  If the latter scenario is the case (which again, is the most common way our customers dealing with items which have core charges associated with them), we kindly ask that you have your old unit back to us within 30 days from the original purchase in order to receive your core charge refund.