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How to replace a battery

We’ve all been left out in the cold with a dead battery, but with some advice from the King, you can get yourself up and running in no time. We’ll show you how to replace your battery so you can bring your dead one into Parts King for money back.



Parts you'll need:

  • Socket Set
  • Wrench Set
  • Gloves
  • Battery
  • Battery Cables (as needed)
  • Battery Hold-Down Parts (as needed)



Safety comes first

Every vehicle is different. When it comes to maintenance and repairs, always follow the vehicle's owner's manual.

Safety should be your number one priority. Make sure you wear safety goggles, and don't smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, or wear a necktie while working on the car. Watch out for hot objects, sharp instruments, hazardous materials and other potential safety hazards in and around your workspace.

Don't work with a Philips when the job calls for a flat. Substituting tools can compromise your safety or your vehicle's performance.

Finally, when the fun turns to frustration, or if the job requires specialized knowledge beyond your capabilities, please do not attempt it yourself. Talk to a professional mechanic or installer. The last thing we want is someone getting hurt.

Before you begin

Be sure to get the right battery for your vehicle and your needs. Do you have a big stereo? Lots of electrical accessories? Ask the Pros at Parts King.



  1. Raise the hood of your vehicle, and locate the battery. Some vehicles may have the battery located in other places (i.e. in the trunk, under a seat, etc.) but most are under the hood.
  2. Depending on your vehicle, you may have to remove other parts such as support bars, fluid containers, etc. to get proper access to the battery. Do so now.
  3. Take a look at how the battery is held in. The two standard hold down methods are a metal bar that clamps across the top of the battery, or a bolt that clamps down on the side of the battery.
  4. Before removing the hold down clamps, disconnect the negative (-) battery cable (usually black).
  5. Disconnect the positive (+) battery cable (usually red, or with a red cover).
  6. Remove the hold down bolts or bar.
  7. Double check that everything has been removed from the battery, then pull it out.

NOTE: IMPORTANT - Be careful when pulling out a battery. They are quite heavy, and can hurt your back. They could also be leaking acid that you don’t want on your skin or clothes.



  1. Before installing your new battery, be sure to compare it to your old one. Are the terminals in the same location? Is the battery the same size? Is it the right amount of cranking amps?
  2. Carefully place the new battery into the vehicle so it's sitting in the same position as the old battery.
  3. Reinstall the hold down bolts and bars.
  4. Once it's secured, try and move the battery. It shouldn't be able to move at all.
  5. Reconnect the positive (+) cable.
  6. Reconnect the negative (-) cable.
  7. Check that the car has power by turning on the headlights.

IMPORTANT - Do NOT start the engine yet.

  1. Reinstall any other parts that were removed. Double check all your work, and make sure nothing was missed.
  2. Start the engine.
  3. Check your gauges/information lights. There should be no warning lights on, and your electrical gauge should be in the "safe" zone, approximately 14 volts.
  4. Once the battery has been replaced, bring your old battery back to Parts King for your core refund.
  5. Be sure to protect your car's interior from any acid that may spill from the old battery while in transport.