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How To Replace A Blower Motor

When the hottest temperatures of the year approaches, it’s important that your vehicle’s air conditioning unit is functioning properly. A big contributor to this is the blower motor. If it’s damaged, you will not be getting the best flow of cool air in the cabin.

To replace your blower motor, follow the step-by-step instructions below.



Parts you'll need:

  • Wrench Set
  • Socket Set 3/8
  • 3/8 Ratchet
  • Screwdriver
  • Blower Motor


Safety comes first

Every vehicle is different. When it comes to maintenance and repairs, always follow the vehicle's owner's manual.

Safety should be your number one priority. Don't smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, or wear a necktie while working on the car. Watch out for hot objects, sharp instruments, hazardous materials and other potential safety hazards in and around your workspace.

Don't work with a Philips when the job calls for a flat. Substituting tools can compromise your safety or your vehicle's performance.

Finally, when the fun turns to frustration, or if the job requires specialized knowledge beyond your capabilities, please do not attempt it yourself. Talk to a professional mechanic or installer. 


Steps for blower motor removal

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

IMPORTANT: In some vehicles the blower motor is located inside the engine compartment, and on other makes the blower motor is accessed from inside the car behind the dash, or glove box. 

  1. Unplug the blower motor electrical connector.
  2. Remove bolts or screws holding down the blower motor housing.
  3. Remove blower motor.

IMPORTANT: Some blower motors come without the fan assembly. You may need to remove the fan assembly from the blower motor. If this is the case, the fan will be held on by a retaining washer or nut. Simply remove the nut or retaining washer and pull the fan off of the blower motor.



Steps for blower motor installation

To install, reverse removal procedure.